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Evasive and missing suo-moto RTI disclosure for CM office / GNTD

Jun 222016

Ms. Geetika Sharma / DANICS
Additional Secretary
o/o Chief Minister Delhi

Dear Ms. Sharma

I am concerned that some corrupt persons in office of Chief Minister Delhi have ensured that the mandatory suo-moto disclosure presecribed under section 4 of RTI Act 2005 has been removed from Delhi Govt website. Currently, the only working link among the "17 manuals" of RTI is the one to the PIO and First Appellate Authority in CM Office, and even that is populated with incorrect entries including your own.

As I, as a citizen of India r/o Delhi, would like to know in great depth and detail, about the functioning of the CM Office, I would appreciate if you would update the RTI disclosure for your office expeditiously. The lack of the 17 manuals seriously hinders my ability to seek further information under RTI from your office.

For your ready reference I am also cut-n-pasting the present links fromĀ showing the links to be filled in.


Sarbajit Roy
Delhi Dialogue Commission
B-59 Defence Colony, New Delhi 110024
Tel : 8010205897


1. Particulars of organization 2. Power and duties of officers/Employees 3. Procedure for Decision Making 4. Norms for discharge of functions 5. Rules,Regulations for discharge of functions 6. Statement of categories 7. Details of consultative committees and other bodies 8. List of boards,councils,committees and other bodies 9. Directory of officers/employees 10. Monthly remuneration of officers/employees 11. Budget allocated to each agency 12. Execution of subsidy program 13. Particulars of recipients of concessions,permits 14. Information available in an electronic form 15. Facilities available for obtaining information 16. Particulars of PIOs 17. Other information Prescribed

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