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Delhi Government Premium Bus Service Scheme

Jun 222016



an initiative of “India Against Corruption”



Shri Arvind Kejriwal,

Chief Minister of NCT Delhi



Dear Chief Minister,


Sub : Delhi Government Premium Bus Service Scheme


I refer to your subject advertisement in Hindustan Times (Delhi edn) of 16 June 2016. Accordingly, please find our comments as under.


1) That in our opinion this scheme is the same old corrupt wine of the corrupt Congress Party in the new bottle of corrupt Aam Aadmi Party. It is perhaps for this reason that public comments are hurriedly sought by you within only 4 days into a non-official gmail account.


2) That it is the established opinion of the India Against Corruption andolan that the Aam Aadmi Party is merely the “A-team” appendage of the Congress Party and a device devised by persons like the Jindal family/s to safeguard and prevent action being taken against that party and its foreign leadership and vast party assets, including benami cluster bus operations. Hence this intervention.


3) That you may recall the first 49 days of Aam Aadmi Party government in Delhi, wherein the Transport Minister and the so-called Deputy Chief Minister were very quick to execute documents allowing cluster bus operators (orange buses) to proliferate and which the previous (Congress) Govt. had not done. These included very valuable permissions for parking and bus depots all over Delhi and apparently the funds involved to obtain these permissions were not insignificant ones and perhaps more than sufficient to finance many state election campaigns. Since it was then a Govt between Aam Aadmi Party and Congress Party, anybody familiar with Delhi’s workings can conclude why such valuable permissions were granted.


4) That it is noteworthy that an unfit and unwell person like Mr. Gopal Rai was appointed as Transport Minister so that notorious bureaucrats (favorites of Congress) like Shri K.K. Sharma and Shri Parimal Rai etc could manipulate the Transport Department to their advantage. The present very high levels of corruption in the Transport Department GNTCD is an open secret and all highly specific complaints made by us directly to your office have not resulted in even 1 paise of action against these corrupt babus whom your govt are shielding for reasons best known to you, but which we can guess at.

5) That even AAP’s so-called ”odd-even” schemes had nothing to do controlling pollution (in fact all the independent data shows that pollution actually rose in that period) and had everything to do with getting private motor cars off the roads so that these deluxe buses (benamis of politicians cutting across all party lines) can operate in the dedicated corridors of road space they are expelled from. It is not clear to us why your AAP Govt is not instead taking action against highly polluting industries sprouting in Delhi and also against the thousands of illegal portable mobile phone towers each with powerful diesel generator sets equal to 2 bus engines running round the clock. IAC knows very well that AAP controlled DPCC (Delhi Pollution Control Committee) is channeling hundreds of crores of bribes to overlook these illegal mobile phone towers and illegal industries. We suggest you / AAP stop foolishness like odd-even schemes and instead go after controlling actual polluting sources in Delhi, ie. if you have the honesty to do so and the ability to appoint an honest and effective DPCC Chairman.

6) That evidently the vested interests operating to implement this scheme include your Aam Aadmi Party people like Sh. Ashish Khetan who specially arranged a meeting of your then version of Delhi Dialogue Commission (now renamed to prevent confusion with us) with the so-called “Centre for Science and Environment” (CSE) on 23.March.2015 where MoM show CSE proposed:-


a) “It was suggested that DTC , should buy 900 mm bus with standard specification prescribed under JNNURM, Ministry of Urban Development, GOI . It was suggested that AMC clause could be considered for removal as it would ensure competitive participation for Bus procurement.”


b) “CSE pointed out that there was an urgent need for Bus depots to strengthen Bus service in Delhi. CSE suggested that the Millennium depot should not be removed as would hamper introduction of new buses.”


c) “CSE stressed that the problem of monopoly/cartel in purchase of bus need to be addressed”


7) That the CSE were also behind / supported the disastrous and scam “BRT corridor” scheme which was then designed to suit a certain bus manufacturer. The curious fact that the very first meetings of the AAP’s think tank was with these people and their ill thought out discredited / unpopular bus corridor plans betrays the rot in Delhi’s Aam Aadmi Party that such persons are entertained.


8) That an AAP MLA Ms.Alka Lamba has apparently exposed how virtually all the safeguards in the bus scheme have been removed so that Delhi’s roads can be taken over by bus aggregator cartels owned and controlled by benami politicians. It is an open secret that no effective action is being taken against 2 prominent overseas app based MNC cab / car / shuttle aggregators only because of the heavy corruption in the GNCTD Transport Department. Since you are putting your own photo on these advts, any reasonable person will conclude that you are installing a private deluxe bus “mafia” which will ultimately benefit you personally in the same way that the cluster bus scheme benefits some benamis of Congress party.


9) That it is high time that officers like Special Commissioner Transport Shri K.K. Dahiya should be moved out of Transport Department. You will surely recall our communications to your office about Shri Parimal Rai, who was eventually shunted out to Chandigarh.


10) Due to the involvement of so many touts and vested interests in the deluxe bus scheme who are directly wired into AAP, we are not inclined to presently comment on the specifics of your project except to say that it seems an out-and-out AAP scam and potential scandal and name of Delhi Govt. should not be tagged to it.


Accordingly, we hope that a serious review of the scheme takes place before it is implemented, if at all.

PS: It seems that Mr.Gopal Rai has been replaced as Transport Minister by Mr. Satyendra Kumar Jain to implement this scheme. Accordingly, I hope that you will confirm from Mr.Jain that he continues to hold the education (architecture) qualifications he claims in his election affidavit/s and trusting / believing which the people of Delhi elected him. I am informed that the Council of Architecture has listed a Satyendar Kumar Jain (Roll No. CA/1993/15928) as a defaulter since 31-Dec-2013 and the said Mr.Jain has ignored all reminders of CoA to regularize his membership,thereby leading me to doubt the validity / tenure of the underlying diploma / membership in architecture as was stated in Mr.Jain’s election affidavit.


for Delhi Dialogue Commission

(an India Against Corruption initiative)



Sarbajit Roy

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